orchid locations

Location Location Location

When I purchased my first grocery store orchids, the label instructed to place the plant in bright, indirect light. I had no idea what this meant! I tried placing my orchid on a bright south facing windowsill (wrong, thats bright, direct light), in a north facing windowsill (wrong again, thats low light!). Finally after a lot of trial and error (and research). I found the right spot in my home!
We live in a townhouse that only has north and south facing windows. The south facing windows get ALOT of sun! This is great news, but you have to be careful not to burn your ochids in direct light. This means that the sun is shining directly on your plant. A sheer shade covering our south facing window worked really well! However, we also have a skylight above the window that is not shaded (yet). In order to protect my orchids from the skylight, I move them back a bit from the window. This has been working pretty well so far for my phalaenopsis and oncidiums. This spot is also nice because we happen to bave a ceiling fan nearby to increase air circulation, which orchids also like!


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