Over the years I purchased a number of phalaenopsis orchids at the grocery store. I enjoyed their flowers for a few weeks and shortly after the plant either died, or barely survived. I never succeeded in getting the orchid to rebloom. One time my rabbit even chewed up a leaf on one phalaenopsis! (Bunny survived- the orchid had the same fate as all that came before him!)

One day after watching another orchid rotting away, I became motivated to get my orchids to bloom! In 2014, I researched online and watched some great videos by missorchidgirl! I repotted my only living plant at the time and also purchased a few more for experimentation! After repotting in new media, watering carefully, and finding the correct growing spot in my home….. I finally got 2 orchids to bloom the next winter/spring 2015! After having a little success with these beautiful flowers, I have slowly expanded my collection! I am now hooked on these beautiful and unique plants and enjoy learning about the different types of orchids and how to grow them!